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Dr.Priyanka Gupta Manglik

Dr. Priyanka Gupta Manglik, a distinguished medical professional, obtained her MBBS degree from BJMC in Ahmedabad in 2015. Driven by a profound interest in women’s health, she pursued specialization in gynecology and obstetrics. In 2019, she achieved a Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics from GMC Surat, and by 2022, she successfully completed her training at RML Hospital Lucknow, earning a DNB degree.With a prolific literary and journalistic career, she has authored more than ten books for publication and contributed articles to over 15 different newspapers. Her written works have been invaluable resources for students and teachers across India, greatly enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Dr Priyanka Manglik : Best Gynecologist In Lucknow